The green getaway. The love story between our hotel and the planet.

We love to get our hands green! Why? Because it’s not just good for the planet, but for us all. We know that many travellers today want to make choices that have a positive impact on the environment and local communities. You can read below what we have done throughout the hotel to be efficient, help support the planet and why sustainability is important to us and the team at Hotel Paradis.


Eco-friendly hotel for a greener and healthier stay

Hotel design with sustainable & recycled materials
Sustainable Bikes - ROETZ Amsterdam
Energy neutral hotel
Minimal use of plastics in all facets of the hotel
Energy-efficient lighting & appliances
markthal rotterdam

Conscious Rooms

Sustainability is woven into every detail. We prioritise using local, recycled, and sustainable materials like bamboo, which can be found in our décor, tables, headboards, bar, and even our straws. The rugs in all rooms are made from recycled PET bottles, reducing waste, and giving new life to old materials. Motion sensors automatically turn off lights and air conditioning in unoccupied rooms to conserve energy. As a thoughtful gesture, we provide guests with reusable recycled cotton shopping bags, encouraging sustainable practices throughout their stay.

There is more where that came from...

  •   Using 100% biodegradable coffee cups (The Coffee Guys)
  •   Offering a towel and linen reuse program for guests who want to conserve water and energy
  •   Using refillable shower facilities
  •   Providing recycling bins in guest rooms and common areas
  •   Using eco-friendly cleaning products and practices

Eco-Bar and Lounge Experience

We source local and organic ingredients, offer vegetarian and vegan options, support local farmers, and implement a no-plastic-straws policy. We engage in community environmental initiatives and invite guests to join us in being green. Let's enjoy the 'green-ness' together!

Hotel Paradis design and build

We prioritise sustainability in every aspect of our hotel, from construction to operation. We carefully selected eco-friendly materials, sourced locally to minimise emissions. Our energy-efficient building features solar panels, high-quality insulation, windows, and HVAC systems. Recycled materials like reclaimed wood and steel were also used, reducing waste. Our commitment to sustainability is evident throughout our hotel, offering guests a unique and eco-conscious experience that benefits the environment and local community. We hope to inspire guests to make conscious choices during their stay and beyond, working together to protect our planet for future generations.
Rotterdam old harbour

Greenify your stay

You can also get involved with the ‘green-ness’. While we are committed to reducing our environmental impact, we also encourage our guests to join us in our efforts, with a little added benefit to you. Here are a few ways you can help:

  •   Reduce paper and check-in online
  •   Take advantage of the towel reuse program to conserve water and energy
  •   Join our ‘skip cleaning’ initiative
  •   Turn off lights and electronics when you leave the room
  •   Reduce the heating in your room whilst you’re out
  •   Utilise public transport, during your stay
  •   Make use of the sustainable hotel bikes
  •   Support local businesses during your visit in Zandvoort, Haarlem and the surrounding villages

As a little thank you from us to you, you can pick up your free coffee at the bar on departure if you skip cleaning, reuse your towels or arrive to us via public transport.

Allow us to ensure that your trip is worry-free and enjoyable