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Let us take you on a journey through Zandvoort and it’s surroundings

Join us as we take you through the sights, sounds and smells of our beautiful town. Our little corner of the world is brimming with natural beauty, exciting activities, and delicious food, just waiting to be explored.

And if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the options, don't worry - our friendly hostess is here to help, ensuring a memorable experience during your visit.

Beach activities

Looking for a fun-filled day trip? Zandvoort is the perfect destination for beach lovers, families, and dog owners alike!

Start your day with a leisurely stroll on the stunning Zandvoort Beach. Take in the beautiful views of the North Sea and soak up the sun as you stroll along the pristine sand. If you're traveling with your furry friend, you'll be pleased to know that Zandvoort Beach is dog-friendly, so your pup can enjoy the sand and sea as well!

After a morning of beachcombing and sandcastle building, head to the nearby beach clubs for some lunch and refreshments. You'll find a range of affordable options, from casual cafes to stylish restaurants, all serving up delicious food and drinks.

After lunch, get ready for some serious fun in the sun! Zandvoort is a haven for water sports enthusiasts, and you'll find plenty of affordable options for surfing, renting paddleboards, kayaks, and even kiteboards. For families with children, there are plenty of kid-friendly water activities available as well, such as banana boat rides and beach volleyball.

As the sun begins to set, head back to the beach for a magical evening. Zandvoort is famous for its beautiful sunsets, so make sure to bring your camera! As the sun dips below the horizon, settle in for a beach picnic or enjoy some drinks at one of the beach clubs.

With its beautiful beaches, affordable activities, and endless fun, Zandvoort is the perfect destination for a memorable trip that the whole family will love!

*During the summer, dogs are allowed on the beaches from 19:00 - 09:00

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The beautiful seaside town that is perfect for exploring on foot. With a variety of walking routes available, there's something for everyone, from leisurely strolls along the beach to more challenging hikes in the nearby National Park.

If you're looking for a scenic route that showcases the beauty of Zandvoort's natural surroundings, the National Park Zuid-Kennemerland is the perfect destination. Here, you'll find a range of trails that wind through forests, dunes, and heathlands, offering stunning views of the coast and wildlife along the way.

For those who prefer a more urban experience, the Zandvoort town centre is the perfect destination. Take a stroll through the charming streets and admire the picturesque architecture, stop for a coffee at one of the many cafes, or browse the shops for unique souvenirs and gifts.

And, of course, no visit to Zandvoort is complete without a walk along the beach. The sandy shores stretch for miles and offer a perfect place for a leisurely stroll, sunbathing or simply enjoying the ocean breeze.

Whether you're looking for a challenging hike or a leisurely stroll, Zandvoort has a walking route that will suit your needs. So, grab your walking shoes and get ready to explore this beautiful town on foot!


Looking for a fun and environmentally friendly way to explore Zandvoort? Hop on a bike and discover all that this beautiful seaside town has to offer! With a range of cycling routes available, there's something for everyone, from families with children to experienced cyclists.

One of the most popular cycling routes in Zandvoort is the National Park Zuid-Kennemerland, where you can cycle through dunes, forests, and heathlands while enjoying stunning views of the coast. For a more urban experience, take a ride through the charming streets of Zandvoort town centre, where you can stop for a coffee or browse the shops.

At our hotel, we make it easy for you to rent a bike and explore Zandvoort on your own. We offer a range of affordable rental options, and our hostess can help you choose the perfect bike for your needs. We also provide cycling maps and insider tips to help you plan your route and make the most of your time in Zandvoort.

Cycling is not only a fun way to explore Zandvoort, but it's also an environmentally friendly option that allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery at your own pace. So why wait? Rent a bike from our hotel and get ready to explore Zandvoort on two wheels!
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National Park

Located just a short distance from Hotel Paradis is the breathtaking National Park Zuid-Kennemerland. This stunning nature reserve spans over 38 square kilometres and boasts a diverse range of landscapes, including dunes, forests, and heathlands. With over 60 kilometres of hiking and cycling trails, it's the perfect destination for nature enthusiasts, families, and outdoor adventurers.

In the park, you'll have the opportunity to see a range of wildlife, including Scottish Highlanders, European bison, and a variety of birds. You can also take a guided tour of the park to learn more about its history and ecology.

At our hotel, we offer a range of services and amenities to help you make the most of your visit to National Park Zuid-Kennemerland. We provide maps and local tips to help you plan your route, and we can even arrange for transportation to and from the park. Whether you're looking for a leisurely stroll or a challenging hike, National Park Zuid-Kennemerland is the perfect destination for a day trip.


When it comes to dining and drinking options in Zandvoort, the Zandvoort Pavilion is the place to be. Located right on the beach, this lively hotspot offers a range of dining options that are perfect for all tastes and budgets.

Seafood lovers, the Zandvoort Pavilion has a seafood bar that serves up a range of delicious dishes, including oysters, lobster, and sushi. If you're in the mood for something more casual, the pavilion's beach club offers a range of burgers, sandwiches, and salads that are perfect for a quick bite.

For those who want to enjoy a drink and take in the stunning views, the pavilion has various bars for the perfect spot. Sip on a refreshing cocktail or a glass of wine as you watch the sun set over the water.

In addition to the Zandvoort Pavilion, there are also a range of dining options available throughout the town. From casual cafes to fine dining restaurants, you'll find something to suit your tingly taste buds.

Our in-house hostess can take care of dining reservations, the best restaurants to suit what you’re looking for and even the best take-away options if you’re looking for a quiet night in.

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Golf Course

If you're a golf enthusiast looking to play a round at the iconic Kennemer Golf & Country Club, you're in luck! This prestigious club is located just a short distance from our hotel.

The Kennemer Golf & Country Club is widely regarded as one of the best golf courses in the Netherlands, offering a challenging and scenic course that is perfect for golfers of all skill levels. With its lush greens, undulating fairways, and stunning coastal views, it's no wonder that the Kennemer Golf & Country Club has been ranked as one of the top 100 golf courses in Europe.

Let us take care of booking a tee time, arranging club hire and even transport to and from the hotel to the golf club. Ensuring you only have to focus on your swing and the 19th hole!


A visit to the charming city of Haarlem is a must-do during your stay at our hotel. Just a short distance from Zandvoort and our hotel, Haarlem offers a range of cultural and historical attractions, as well as plenty of shopping and dining options. Here are our top 5 things to see and do in Haarlem:

  1. Visit the Grote Markt - This historic square is the heart of the city, featuring stunning architecture, charming cafes and restaurants, and a weekly market that sells everything from flowers to local produce.
  2. Explore the Frans Hals Museum - This museum features a collection of works by the Dutch master Frans Hals, as well as other 17th-century Dutch artists.
  3. Admire the St. Bavo Church - This impressive Gothic church features stunning stained-glass windows and an impressive organ that dates back to the 17th century.
  4. Take a canal tour - Explore Haarlem from a unique perspective by taking a boat tour of the city's canals.
  5. Visit the Teylers Museum - This museum is the oldest in the Netherlands, featuring a range of natural history, art, and science exhibits.

Let us help you plan your trip to Haarlem. Whether you enjoy history and culture or prefer to do something more modern and fun, our in-house hostess has bags of local knowledge to make your day trip to Haarlem easy and pleasant.

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A visit to the vibrant city of Amsterdam is a must-do during your stay with us. Located just a short distance from Zandvoort and easy access by car or public transport, Amsterdam offers a range of cultural and historical attractions, as well as plenty of boutique and fashion shopping and a vast variety of dining options. Here are just some of the top things to do during your trip to Amsterdam;

  1. Visit the Van Gogh Museum - This world-renowned museum features the largest collection of works by Vincent Van Gogh, as well as works by other Dutch artists.
  2. Explore the Rijksmuseum - This museum is home to an extensive collection of Dutch art and history, including works by Rembrandt, Vermeer, and other masters.
  3. Admire the Anne Frank House - This museum tells the story of Anne Frank and her family's hiding place during World War II, offering a powerful and emotional experience.
  4. Take a canal tour - Explore Amsterdam from a different perspective by taking a boat tour of the city's canals.
  5. Visit the Vondelpark - This beautiful park is a favourite spot for locals and tourists alike, offering plenty of green space for picnics, cycling, and relaxation.

At our hotel, we can help you plan your visit to Amsterdam, including transportation options and insider tips on the best places to see and do. So why wait? Come and experience the rich history and culture of Amsterdam during your stay with us!