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Embrace the winter charm at Hotel Paradis

Hotel Paradis is not just a hotel; it's a destination and a safe haven where memories are created. From the moment you arrive, let us astound you with our relaxing and inviting hospitality. Our concept revolves around fully personalised and exclusive services to bring all guests' winter wishes to life.
  • Great for families and couples
  • Luxurious retreat at affordable prices
  • Great location in Zandvoort
  • Sustainable & Organic
  • Personal Hostess throughout your stay
  • Exclusive stay in Zandvoort

Our rooms & suites

A warm and cosy retreat to call home

To make your stay just that little extra special

Uncover cosy winter treats only available through our website

Winter wonders beyond Zandvoort

Experience the winter charm of Zandvoort and its surroundings! Embrace the season with festive markets, creative workshops, and the scenic beauty of Zandvoort aan Zee. Enjoy winter walks along the coast, or explore local winter specialities in one of the Netherlands' most beloved beach towns.

Why not broaden your winter adventure? Discover the historic allure of Haarlem, adorned with its own winter festivals and markets. In Amsterdam, experience the enchantment of museums and vibrant winter events. Whether it’s a cosy day by the sea or a cultural excursion, there's something for everyone this winter.
Explore Zandvoort in Winter
Zandvoort festive markets
Haarlem in winter

Let our hostess assist you

Hospitality is our passion, and we excel at creating memorable experiences. Interested in exploring winter activities around the area? Imagine taking a scenic walk along the coastline, followed by a comforting hot chocolate or Glühwein at a cosy beach tent. Or, dive into the local culture with engaging winter workshops available nearby. Let our hostess help tailor your stay to be truly special, ensuring each moment at Hotel Paradis is magical.

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