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Culinary gems recommended by our hostess. Explore the delightful dining options in and around Zandvoort, handpicked and recommended by our in-house hostess. From local favourites to hidden treasures in the nearby areas, discover a world of culinary delights waiting to tantalise your taste buds.

Le Bar

Le Bar in Zandvoort is a bistro and wine bar located in a picturesque setting on Kerkplein, right opposite the church. It offers a delightful small restaurant setting with a French-style ambience. Their menu features a variety of seafood and a wide selection of wines, including organic options. Le Bar provides a cosy spot for various dining experiences. It is a great place to enjoy a meal or a drink in a pleasant atmosphere.
Le Bar Bistro - Zandvoort
Café Neuf Zandvoort

Cafe Neuf

Grand Cafe Neuf in Zandvoort is renowned for its exquisite cuisine, refreshing beverages, and welcoming atmosphere. Enjoy a memorable dining experience with excellent culinary choices in a vibrant setting. Plus, when you book through us, receive your second drink for free!


Something to celebrate? De Bokkedoorns offers a luxurious dining experience in Overveen, with two Michelin stars. It features classic French cuisine with a modern twist, curated by Chef Roy Eijkelkamp. Known for its elegant atmosphere and superb wine selection, this restaurant is perfect for special celebrations and for those seeking culinary excellence near Zandvoort.

De Bokkedoorns Zandvoort

Beach Cafés Zandvoort

Discover our top 3 recommended beach cafés in Zandvoort, each offering a unique seaside dining experience:

  •   Haven van Zandvoort: A popular beach café known for its fantastic sea views and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a casual meal or a drink by the beach. www.dehavenvanzandvoort.nl

  •   Tijn Akersloot: Offers a unique beach experience with its vibrant setting and diverse menu, ideal for those looking for a lively beachside vibe. www.tijnakersloot.nl

  •   Nius: Renowned for its chic and cosy ambience, Nius is the go-to spot for a sophisticated beach dining experience. www.niusbeachhouse.nl

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